About Us

The Provincial Emergency Radio Communications Service Alberta, also known as PERCS Alberta, was founded to support the Alberta Emergency Management Agency with communications in the event of a catastrophic failure of the public communications systems.

With three successful deployments by the AEMA over the last 5 years it has become apparent to both the AEMA and PERCS that a dedicated group with a specific focus on provincial communications is required.

We are a small group of dedicated amateur radio operators with an interest in emergency communications. We have been involved in all three of the provincial emergencies, Slave Lake, High River and Wabasca. We were able to provide back‐up communications in 2 of these activations and became, for a short period of time, the primary communication channel.

By looking at what British Columbia has done with amateur radio, and reviewing the ARES model it became apparent that the RAC/ARES model, while a good model for local communities, is seriously lacking the structure necessary to facilitate provincial and inter‐provincial communications during a time of emergency.

British Columbia had moved to a similar model that we are setting up where the AEMA will be the only served agency that PERCS will directly support. PERCS will then establish relationships with the amateur radio community including, but not limited to, RAC/ARES, clubs, and amateurs within the province of Alberta. In addition, and facilitated by the AEMA, a bi‐lateral arrangement will be established between PERCS Alberta and our BC counterpart.

Our current vision for PERCS is to have a core group of like minded Amateur Radio operators serving as the coordinators of the group. Each member would bring some unique skill set to the table along with a general enthusiasm for emergency communications. This council would be responsible for shaping the group, arranging for the use of assets in the event of an emergency, establishing the above relationships with the community and assist regional groups, regardless of affiliation, as required.


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