Deployment Requirements

PERCS Deployment Requirements

So you want to get involved with PERCS deployments. Once an emergency happens, you will be working with your local municipality & will need to bring your station to it's location.  Here are a few requirements we would like you to have. This list is NOT inclusive and is constantly changing:

Personal Requirements

  1. HF qualification (minimum Basic with honours).
  2. Experience with Winlink operation including their own Winlink email address (i.e. VE6???
  3. 18 years or older.
  4. Class 5 drivers licence.
  5. ICS 100 trained.
  6. No major health issues (i.e. diabetes, heart disease, mobility, etc).

Nice to have Personal Requirements

  1. St. John Ambulance Standard First Aid - CPR C & AED (scroll to bottom of page).
  2. ICS 200 trained.

Personal Equipment

  1. VHF handheld with 3 days of batteries.
  2. Food, water, clothes, sleeping arrangements for 3 days with no outside support.

Team Equipment

  1. Modern HF radio at 100 watts with AC transformer power supply. Preferable to also have 2 m & 70 cm all mode.
  2. Dipole antenna(s) for 40/60/80 meters x2 sets. Antennas could possibly be left behind for replacement team.
  3. Portable Windows computer for operation. Sound card modem is fine but Pactor 2,3 or 4 is preferred.
  4. Generator with fuel for 3 full days.
  5. Masts as required as there may be no trees to hang antennas.
  6. Robust & reliable vehicle to get to off road locations. 4x4 pickup truck is ideal.
  7. Operating table & chairs as required.
  8. Cellular phone with email & SMS.
  9. First aid kit.
  10. If no place to sleep, a tent or camper.
  11. Compass to shoot bearings for antenna orientation.

Bonus Team Equipment

  1. Back up 100 watt HF radio.
  2. VHF yagi for 2 m SSB.
  3. 2nd cellular phone with email & SMS.
  4. Operation tent separate from shelter tent/camper.
  5. Alberta & Canada flag.

Remember, you want to be an asset, not a burden or worse a casualty so you must be able to show up & ready to be self sufficient for 3 days


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