VE6POC acceptable use policy

  1. The purpose of the VE6POC repeater is to provide emergency backup communications to the Provincial Operations Center in the event of primary communications failure or overload.
  2. The use of the repeater shall immediately be surrendered to any PERCS manager, the AEMA or other bodies requiring the activation of PERCS.
  3. Any licenced amateur radio operator is welcome to use the repeater when it is not engaged in or otherwise in use for operations as described in paragraph 1
  4. The repeater shall not be used for long duration “rag chew” sessions.
  5. Amateur radio operators using the repeater shall allow the repeater to “drop” between each transmission and shall allow a gap sufficient for any other station, wishing to gain access to the repeater, time to identify.
  6. All amateur radio operators shall adhere to the regulations as prescribed by Industry Canada.
  7. By using this repeater you grant permission to the recording of any transmission on this repeater.
  8. Any PERCS coordinator, at their sole discretion, may shut down the repeater if there are violations of the above policy.
  9. By using the repeater you acknowledge you have read this policy and agree to be bound to it’s conditions.


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